About Aazura

AazuraAazura is an author, healer, teacher and a leader in advancing consciousness and heart awakening.  She is the founder of the New Human Project™ dedicated to the evolution of consciousness.

After a near death experience in 1986, Aazura awakened to a new way of perceiving life and the world.  This new awareness was guided by many spiritual teachings, life experiences, and personal transmissions from Divine Union – Yeshua and Magdalene. Her direction was clear “teach only love.”

Aazura left the corporate world in 1996. After studying various healing modalities Aazura developed a successful practice as a Medical Hypnotherapist in Colorado.  However, she began to realize that there was more to working with the subconscious than hypnosis offered. As she describes it, she was “downloaded” with another approach to identify and clear ancient and current limiting conditioning and belief structures through the frequency of love.  She began to understand the “architecture” of consciousness and how beliefs build upon each other creating separation and struggle.  Aazura began working in the matrix of consciousness/quantum field.  Conscious Alchemy™ evolved as a quantum healing technique expanding consciousness and awakening the heart.   Her clients have experienced deeper self love, acceptance, renewed relationship with Creator and others. Hypnosis is not involved.  Spiritual, emotional and even physical healings have occurred.  She gives all credit to Creator for all healings that occur.

“Relationships for the New Earth” is now a program in the forefront of Aazuras’ work. She is working with singles and couples to move out of the old paradigm of relationship into Higher Love.

Aazura is available for private and group channeled sessions with Divine Union by phone or Skype and in person in Sedona, AZ.   She provides quantum healing sessions of Conscious Alchemy™ and Spiritual coaching for people around the world. She is available for speaking engagements and workshops.

Aazura resides in Sedona, AZ with her beloved Loras Peter. She is the mother of 4 children and blessed with 11 grandchildren.

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